Songstress Lucy Rose comes to 53 Degrees

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With her heart-stoppingly poignant songs and cracked porcelain voice, Warwickshire songstress Lucy Rose has won a major label deal with Columbia – by doing things very much her own way.

A prolific songwriter since the age of 16 – or even younger if you count the time she spent bashing away at her parents’ piano – things first started to take off for Lucy when she travelled to London, armed only with an acoustic guitar and a driving ambition that few could match. Making herself a presence at every open mic night imaginable, Lucy became a huge hit with even the toughest of crowds and was invited to collaborate with Bombay Bicycle Club, adding extensive vocal parts to their Top 10 album ‘Flaws’.

Her own material, meanwhile, was starting to cause a stir online. Her signature ‘Middle Of The Bed’ track has now racked up over one-and-a-half-million views on YouTube, and singles like ‘Bikes’ and ‘Lines’ look set to follow suit. She’s no small draw live either: regularly selling out 500-capacity venues, Lucy’s first in store signing, with Rough Trade, had people queuing round the block, and was so over-subscribed that 50 fans had to be turned away.

2012 saw Lucy’s profile rise stratospherically, with a front cover feature in ‘The Fly’ and extensive coverage in publications such as The Sunday Times, NME and The Daily Mirror, not to mention a wave of radio airplay. After early exposure from Fearne Cotton, who helped bring tracks like ‘Middle Of The Bed’ and ‘Scar’ to the attention of Radio 1’s huge listenership, she bagged the coveted ‘In New Music We Trust’ spot whilst still unsigned.

Although picked up by a major label, Lucy decided to head home and record debut album ‘Like I Used To’ in her parents’ basement. Listening to the warmth and candid truth in her music, you can hear how the move has benefitted the recordings, which have picked up some fantastic reviews and taken the album to number 13 in the UK charts. Perhaps The Daily Star put it best: Lucy Rose’s inclusivity and disarming intimacy is “so simple she makes Adele look try-hard”.



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