Soulfly announce 53° show!

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We are very excited to announce that Soulfly are to play 53 degrees on Tuesday 18th May 2010.

Available May 2010, frontman Max Cavalera fuels latest album Omen with the same blood, fire and spirit that made him a genre icon with Sepultura, Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy.

Following the warpath left by 2008's critically acclaimed Conquer, Omen is a sign of Soulfly becoming an even fiercer, fierier and more furious metallic monster, seven albums into their storied career.

Various Soulfly traditions remain upheld over the course of the album's 11 tracks. Max's unmistakable vocals and riffs work in tandem for the ultimate aural assault. Marc Rizzo tears through throat-slitting leads, while still making room to groove on "Lethal Injection." Bobby Burns' bass rumbles and roars as Joe Nunez commences pure percussive pummeling on the likes of teeth-gnashing opener "Bloodbath and Beyond."

For more information, and to buy tickets, click here.

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