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New York-based We Are Scientists last came to Preston in 2007, promoting their massive �With Love and Squalor� album. Now they�re back, with a string of highly anticipated UK dates � their first in almost a year � as the ever-lively trio warm up for the release of an all-new album later in the year.

Founding members Keith Murray and Chris Cain first met at college in the late 90s over an impromptu dorm-room viewing of Dawson�s Creek. They�ve come a long way since then, honing their own unique brand of epic, loud and highly danceable rock music, rich in a now trademark self-deprecating humour as well as great singalong melodies and unforgettable riffs.

Debut album �Safety, Fun And Learning (In That Order)� was released in 2002, but it was 2005�s �With Love And Squalor�, backed by ferociously catchy single �Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt�, a tour alongside Editors and a signing to Virgin Records, that brought the band to UK record buyers� attention. The band were as shocked as anyone when the record sold over 100,000 copies in the UK alone, earning them their first Gold disc, and selling out a series of high profile dates. Dancefloor standbys �It�s A Hit� and �The Great Escape� were never off the radio.

If the band�s official website is anything to go by, they spent much of 2007 at various weight-loss clinics and alcohol dry-out facilities, but this should be taken with a pinch (if not a liberal dose) of salt, as the band somehow found time to record new studio album �Brain Thrust Mastery�, contribute hit single �After Hours� to the �Nick & Norah�s Infinite Playlist� OST, and head out on a full scale UK tour, complete with its own tongue-in-cheek self-improvement seminars!

Joined in 2009 by Andy Burrows � one-time Razorlight drummer, now best known for penning quirky Christmas album �Funny Looking Angels� alongside Editors frontman Tom Smith, and composing the soundtrack for Raymond Briggs� The Snowman And The Snowdog) � We Are Scientists� most recent LP �Barbara� was released in 2010, with a special NME preview show selling out in under 4 minutes. The poppy, hook-laden album was praised by NME for �reviving the fantastic ziggurat riffs of �With Love and Squalor�, and applying them to songs with the new wave sophistication of �Brain Thrust Mastery��.

Although 2013 UK dates will see Murray, Cain and Burrows debuting new material, the band promise a set heavy on hits, guaranteed to get you on your feet. Judging by the band�s huge popularity on the live scene, tickets are sure to fly out fast! Going on general sale, 9am Friday, Crowdsurge also have a limited number of tickets for sale from Wednesday. Be sure to get yours before they�re all gone...



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